The 'Puzzling' Disappearance Of 'Shy, Quiet' Mum

Police have renewed their appeal for assistance over the disappearance and suspected murder of a mother of two, more than 36 years after she went missing.

Roxlyn Bowie was 31-years-old when she disappeared in 1982, from her northern New South Wales in Walgett.

She left behind two children -- Brenda, then six, and Warren, then almost two -- alone in their beds.

"Roxlyn Bowie was described as a shy and quiet woman, and a beloved daughter and mother," said Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty, who is leading the renewed investigation.

"From all accounts, Mrs Bowie was utterly devoted to her two young children, which makes her disappearance very puzzling to those who knew her well."

Roxlyn was reported missing after she was last seen at her Walgett home on Saturday 5 June, 1982. Photo: Supplied.

A Coronial Inquest in 2014 found that Bowie had died on or around the date of June 5, 1982, and that it was "highly likely" she had met with "foul play", but a cause of death was not determined.

Her body has never been found.

Her former husband, John Bowie, has always denied being involved with her disappearance. Following news police were reopening their investigation, the now-68-year-old told the Courier Mail: "They're going to charge me with it even though I'm innocent."

Much of the inquest focused on two letters purported to be sent by Bowie after her disappearance.

The first was addressed to her husband, telling him "don't try to find me, because I'll never come back to you", while a second letter saying she was starting a new life was sent to her parents a few days later.

Roxlyn and her former husband John. Photo: Supplied.

Part of this new investigation will conduct a forensic examination of the letters, looking at fingerprinting, handwriting samples, and DNA evidence on the stamp.

It's a process that could take anywhere from one day to several years, depending on whether evidence is found.

But ten daily understands that part of the reason this cold case has been reopened is due advances in forensic technology, which could provide new leads to police.

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Her family has never given up on the investigation.

"I think there's things that my dad might know that he hasn't told me," her adult daughter Brenda Boyd told A Current Affair.

"I deserve the truth, I deserve answers, my children deserve answers."

Detectives on the case are determined to answer some of those questions.

"Her family has missed out on having her at important milestones for more than 35 years," said Doherty.

"It's time for them to know the truth and we will not quit until we provide them with answers."

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