Grandmother Speaks After Dramatic Alleged Kidnapping

A grandmother, who was allegedly kidnapped during a violent home invasion last week, has described how her daughter's bravery saved them and two teenage grandsons.

The 71-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she has "a lot of recovering" to do after allegedly being held captive on a 400-kilometre drive after being abducted from her home in Ootha, near Condobolin.

"My daughter was also incredible and her actions obviously helped to save us and to help the boys and I to escape and I really think she deserves a medal for that," she said in the recorded interview with police.

"She was so good, so incredibly good."

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The woman was at home with her 68-year-old partner, 41-year-old daughter and two young grandsons, aged 13 and 14, when the house was allegedly broken into on Tuesday morning.

The three men accused of the attack are the woman's former partner, his 23-year-old son and another 29-year-old man.

Police allege the trio stormed into the house and knocked the 68-year-old man unconscious, before locking him inside and setting the home on fire.

Image: Ten Eyewitness News.

"This happened before six o'clock about quarter to six in the morning and we didn't get out of there till maybe 10 past 10. He wouldn't let us go and he wouldn't let me get help," she said in the interview.

"That was a terrible, terrible four hours, you've got no idea. Especially when he [her partner] was so ill, so hurt. God he must have one of the thickest heads, you've got no idea."

The 71-year-old escaped with her grandsons on Putty Road, near Como, before running home to alert police.

Image: Ten Eyewitness News

Her daughter however, spent another few hours allegedly detained with the eldest of the three accused men, before police tracked them down using thermal imaging and police dogs in bushland in Blaxlands Ridge.

The grandmother thanked the police effort involved in the family's rescue and the motorists who helped trace their location.

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"I'd just like to thank everybody and honestly and truthfully, every policeman that we've come across in this, and detectives, were absolutely awesome. They were really, really awesome and they've looked after us so well," she said.

All three men have been charged with a string of offences including kidnapping, aggravated bodily harm, attempted murder by arson and use of a weapon.

Featured image: NSW Police