Heartless Vandals Damage Disability Charity's Entire Fleet Of Cars

A non-for-profit organisation's entire fleet of cars has been damaged in a heartless attack.

Koomarri, a Canberra-based charity that supports people living with intellectual disabilities, was left without its vital fleet of cars after vandals broke into its parking lot.

The charity relies on four cars to transport hundreds of area clients to doctors appointments, shopping and activities, and called the damage  a "major setback" in providing vital services to the disabled community.

Image: Koomarri Facebook

"These cars play a critical role in keeping people mobile and engaged with the community," the charity said on Facebook.

The vehicles' windscreens were shattered, mirrors were smashed off and paneling was dented.

Kind supporters have offered their own vehicles on loan to help Koomarri get back on its feet.

"Are you able to use [a] loan vehicle? I have one you you can borrow for a week or two," offered one Facebook user.

Image: Koomarri Facebook

Koomarri is hoping its cars will be back on the road as soon as possible, and asks the community to report any information they have on the vicious attack to police.

An ACT Police spokesman said police are aware of the incident and will be responding to requests for comment later Wednesday  morning.

Feature Image: Koomarri Facebook