CCTV: Family's Car Torched By Hooded Arsonist

A family of eight is now fearing for their safety after an arsonist snuck onto their property, doused their car in petrol and set it alight -- the second time in six months.

Thankfully this time around, My Diap had installed security cameras which clearly captured the Monday morning attack at Canley Heights, in Sydney's west.

In the vision, a hooded man is seen slinking around the property, clearly targeting the family’s new Lexus, which was bought just a few months ago.

He lingers for a while then proceeds to pour flammable liquid all over the bonnet and roof of the car.

The moment he ignites it, he disappears, but police say he’s likely to have suffered burns from the instant explosion.

As the CCTV rolls on, there are several more bursts of flames as more of the car is engulfed, and each time it threatens to take the house too.

Diap’s 13 year-old son was sitting in the front room of the house, having a midnight snack, when he saw the flames and called for help.

“He have a look and saw the car burning…he was scared and ran and called me,” Diap told Ten Eyewitness News.

“I go and tell my daughter, don’t anyone go outside the house because that would be very dangerous."

He woke the rest of the family but with the flaming car blocking their only exit, they were forced to retreat to the backyard and pray emergency services would extinguish the blaze before it spread to their home.

“On arrival we were confronted with a confronting scene with eight people trapped inside,” Cabramatta Station Officer O’Regan explained at the scene.

"Fire and rescue have done a fantastic job to quickly attack the fire and extinguish it and help the occupants out to safety.”

Police are now investigating who is responsible for this suspicious fire and are calling on witnesses to assist.

This is not the first time the Diaps have experienced this type of attack. On April 13, their car was torched while parked out on the street.

They had used their insurance money to purchase their new Lexus and had taken steps to protect it, driving it into the carport and installing cameras, but it still did not deter the criminal.

“We were really hard working to get that car, that’s why I’m sad,” Diap said, looking down at the wreck of the car that she and her 18-year-old daughter shared.

They are meeting with police on Monday to search for answers as to who would carry out such a malicious attack.