Man Convicted Of Attempted Murder For Pushing Elderly Man On Train Tracks

This is the shocking moment a man attempted to murder a 91-year-old on the London Underground.

CCTV of the moment a former Eurotunnel boss is shoved on to train tracks in central London has been released.

British Transport Police footage shows Sir Robert Malpas, 91, was sent flying onto the rails at Marble Arch Station after being pushed by Paul Crossley.

The 46-year-old had pushed another man onto tracks that same day.

Paul Crossley was convicted of attempted murder to be sentenced at a later date. IMAGE: British Transport Police

The earlier attack, also by Crossley, on a different man, at Tottenham Court Road, was also played in court.

Jurors, who went on to convict Crossley of attempting to murder both men, reportedly gasped when the footage was shown at the Old Bailey.

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In a statement read to jurors during the trial, Sir Robert said he had been to a pensioners’ lunch prior to the attack.

“As I was walking along the platform I felt a two-handed push to my back,” he recalled.

“I felt myself flying over the tracks and landing on the rails. I may have been concussed but only for a very short time. I banged my head on the rails.”

Sir Robert suffered a fractured pelvis and a gash to his head after the attack on 27 April.

He was saved by passer-by Riyad El Hussani, who jumped down from the platform and pulled him off the tracks moments before a train arrived.

British Transport Police released a statement on Facebook praising the efforts of passengers who helped.

"Thanks to the swift and courageous work of other passengers, Crossley was quickly detained and then arrested by officers."

Crossley, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager,  will be sentenced at a later date.

FEATURE IMAGE: British Transport Police