'Child Seat' Slammed By Police For Lack Of Safety

Shocking photos of an almost unrestrained child lying flat on its back have earned the ire of the NSW Police.

The pram chair, which was not a certified car seat, was allegedly attached to the backseat by a seat belt looped through it and rested on a folded cardboard box.

Police said the black Hyundai sedan had been pulled over for a random breath test in the Sydney suburb of Summer Hill on Monday afternoon.

Even more concerning for police, only a lap belt held the child in place, and a lack of shoulder straps would mean the child would fly forward if the car came to a sudden stop.

Image: NSW Police

A pregnant passenger in the back seat was also allegedly found to be without a seat belt and the car to be unregistered because of expiry.

The photos posted to the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Facebook, have been met by horror from other Facebook users, who slammed the adults for allowing the child to travel in such an unsafe way.

Others were quick to point out the cost of the iCandy pram, which can retail upwards of $1999.

Image: NSW Police

"I can’t believe this... how can a parent allow their child to be put at risk like this... so dangerous," said Teegan Giles.

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The driver was issued three penalty notices for an unrestrained child, and an unregistered and uninsured car.

The pregnant passenger was also issued a penalty notice for not wearing a seatbelt.

The driver and passengers were not allowed to travel without a proper car seat and the unregistered vehicle, police said.

Feature Image: NSW Police