What Kind Of Bastard Runs Down Emus?

The RSPCA is pleading for help after a video of a man laughing as he ran down emus in his car went viral on Facebook.

The video, posted on social media by a man in Melbourne with the caption "Hope karma will hit you hard!", has racked up nearly 150,000 views since being posted on Wednesday.

The video appears to be shot by the driver from behind the wheel of a large car driving down a dirt road, hitting speeds up to 120 km/h. He approaches a flock of emus and appears to purposely run them down, with the birds disappearing under the front of his car.

"Fucking emus!" he yells as he nears the birds, the radio in his car blaring.

"One, two, three!" he yells, laughing as he hits the birds.

"This is fucking great!"


The final few frames of the video show the face of the person who appears to be driving the car, a young man with a moustache and wearing sunglasses.

The video is undated, and it is unclear when or where it was shot. Ten daily has contacted police in every state of Australia, but none were aware of the video.

Ten daily has also contacted the man who uploaded the video for more information.

The video has been shared nearly 6000 times at time of publication.

"Hope they catch him and throw him in jail, that’s where he belongs, hope karma gets him," one person commented on Facebook.

"Does any one know when this was done and how to identify this disgusting human," said another.

The RSPCA has pleaded for public assistance in identifying where and when the video was shot. A spokesperson told ten daily that anyone with information should report to their local RSPCA branch or police service.

"The RSPCA, like many members of the community, has today been shocked and horrified by footage released on social media, showing a man who appears to be deliberately running down a mob of emus in his car,” a spokesperson told ten daily.

"Our inspectors are currently examining the footage to try and determine when and where it was filmed. The video also shows the man’s face, and the RSPCA are asking for help to identify him."

"Such sickening cruelty clearly has no place in our society."

“The RSPCA unequivocally condemns this type of barbaric behaviour, as it clearly shows a disregard for the lives of these vulnerable native animals, and raises grave concerns over this individual’s capacity for such behaviour."