Pair Jailed After Man-Bun Wearer Bashed And Blinded

A County Court judge has jailed two young thugs for a brutal nightclub bashing in Melbourne, which left the victim blind in one eye. 

Since the May 2017 attack, environmental scientist Elliot Harvey has undergone two surgeries and he continues to suffer from panic attacks and nightmares.

Because his balance is affected by the loss of eye sight, he can no longer surf or use heavy equipment needed for his job.

Twenty-year-old Brent Moresco and his 22-year-old mate Bradley Elmore-Jeffries each pleaded guilty to one count of recklessly causing serious injury.

Security cameras captured the pair confronting Mr Harvey inside the Rubix Warehouse.

Mr Harvey can be seen backing away with his hands raised when he was shepherded back towards the pair and punched in the face.

Elmore-Jeffries continued to punch the 26-year-old after he was knocked to the ground.

When Mr Harvey joined police to appeal for information he said the attackers made comments about his man bun hair style.

In sentencing today Judge Christopher Ryan said a miscommunication about comments outside the venue about the victim's car led to the confrontation.

The bashing was described as, "an example of senseless violence by drunken young men."

"Random violence committed by young men whilst they are affected by alcohol is commonplace in our community."

The judge added the violence is often brief and unpremeditated.

"Innocent people are seriously injured, sometimes as in this case, with profound and life long consequences."

Brent Moresco has no prior convictions, he said he wanted to tell his victim how sorry he was for his disgusting behaviour.

His lawyer submitted a non-custodial sentence was an option, but the Judge slammed the suggestion, saying a Community Corrections Orderwould be manifestly inadqueate.

Moresco will serve his sentence in a youth detention facility.

Elmore-Jeffries will serve his time in an adult prison, he'll become eligible for parole after 21 months.

Supporters of the pair wept in court as the jail terms were announced.