Video: 85-Year-Old Great Grandfather Fights Off Armed Robbers At Bookmakers Office

The odds weren't in his favour, but Denis O'Connor pulled off an unlikely victory to fight off three armed men.

The 85-year-old took on three armed robbers who attempted to hold up a bookie's office in the Irish town of Cork. You would have offered long odds on the great grandfather coming out unscathed, but he's now being hailed as a hero after forcing the trio -- armed with hammers and a shotgun -- to flee empty-handed.

The Bar One Racing office at Glanmire was the target of the attempted robbery on Saturday night, RTE reported, with three men bursting into the otherwise quiet building wearing hoodies to cover their faces.

They jumped the counter and threatened the attendant. One other man inside dropped to the floor, but O'Connor instantly got to his feet and walked toward the bandits. He went behind the counter, grabbing one of the men armed with a hammer and wrestling with him. That man soon ran from the office, with another man armed with the shotgun also retreating as O'Connor picked up a chair.

Just one man was left in the office as O'Connor chased the others through the door and into the night. The bookmaker employee had wrestled with the remaining robber and pushed him out from behind the counter, then O'Connor chased him and attempted to trip him.

The man with the shotgun re-entered, but again fled as O'Connor then kicked the last remaining robber in the rear end.

"Very proud to say that I know Denis and he is an absolute gentleman," one man commented on the video of the incident, posted by Irish broadcaster RTE.

"Absolute hero."

Another commented "Give the man a bravery award! Well done Mr O'Connor!"

Others called him a "legend".