Disqualified Drunk Driver Jailed For 13 Years Over Death Of Mother And Daughter

Ma Li Dai and her 14 year old daughter were leaving parent teacher interviews at school when their car was hit at almost 165 kilometres per hour.

A drunk driver who killed a woman and her teenage daughter when his car hit theirs at almost 165 kilometres per hour, has been sent to jail.

Thomas Anderson spent the evening of August 9 last year drinking with a friend at a Melbourne pub.

The former ice addict fought with his girlfriend on the phone and was angry when he got behind the wheel of his Holden Commodore.

As his car hit the South Gippsland Highway, it reached huge speeds.

Witnesses describe it as sounding like a jet and a “bolt of lightening.”

Ma Li Dai 44, and her 14 year old daughter Xinyu Yuan were leaving parent teacher interviews at the Lighthouse Christian College.

Their car pulled out onto the highway at 16 kilometres per hour with the intention of crossing the median strip and turning right.

Instead, Adamson ploughed into them, pushing their Toyota Sedan almost 50 metres, across a wire rope barrier and into a ditch.

Ma Li Dai was killed instantly and her daughter died shortly after.

Adamson’s car took 91.7 metres to come to a stop and investigations revealed he only started to brake 14 metres before the impact.

A breath test in the hours after the smash revealed he was triple the legal alcohol limit.

He broke his neck, pelvis, wrist and hip in the smash and has ongoing nerve issues in his left leg.

Adamson pleaded guilty to two charges of culpable driving causing death and one of driving while disqualified.

He had lost his licence in the months leading up to the crash because he’d run out of demerit points.

It was the third time his licence had been cancelled. The first time was in 2015 for exceeding the speed limit and the third was in 2016 for drink driving.

In sentencing today, Judge Trevor Wraight told Adamson his offending was a “serious example” of the charges he pleaded guilty to.

“Your self control was entirely overcome by your own emotions... in combination with the fact that you were intoxicated,” he said.

“Your actions on this occasion were entirely self indulgent.. you were angry and you had no regard for others on the road.

“In this instance, two innocent lives were lost as a result of your driving.”

Adamson was sentenced to 13 years jail for his crimes but will be eligible for parole in 9 years, when he is 36.

The family of his victims sobbed during the hearing, while Adamson’s family broke down as his sentence was read aloud.

Ma Li Dai leaves behind a son who says he has “lost the meaning of life” since the lives of his mother and sister were cut so brutally short.