Ben Cousins Breaks Down In Court Amid Confronting Arrest Details

Confronting details surrounding his arrest emerged in court after the 40-year-old was charged overnight.

Former AFL star Ben Cousins has broken down in court after being arrested for alleged drug possession.

The 40-year-old was charged overnight after being arrested during a disturbance at the Canning Vale home of his ex-partner Maylea Tinecheff, who is the mother of his two children.

WA Police have alleged Cousins was stripped search during the arrest, where a plastic bag containing methamphetamine was found inserted into his anus.

It is then alleged Cousins refused to remove it, and instead he forcibly pushed the bag further into his anus.

He was taken to Armidale Hospital to have it removed. Inside the bag was 13 grams of methamphetamine.

Ben Cousins won a Premiership with the West Coast Eagles in 2006. Image: Getty Images

Cousins has been charged with 16 offences, including breaking a Violence Restraining Order, aggravated burglary, drug possession and stalking.

He was also charged with threatening to kill his ex-partner.

Earlier this month, Cousins allegedly picked up Tinecheff from Burswood and threatened her with a screwdriver.

“I am going to kill you, I will take your life and all the things you love,' the Police Prosecutor told the court Cousins said to his ex-partner.

“The only way to see my kids is to have you knocked off.”

Fronting Armidale Court on Wednesday morning, Cousin's lawyer Michael Tudori told the court he had directed his client not apply for bail, only for Cousin's to interrupt him.

Ben Cousins arrived at Armidale Court in a police van.

Cousins broke down crying and interrupted Magistrate Andrew Maughan as he begged for bail.

“I am the victim in this, I am no danger to her or those children,” he said.

“I beg you. I beg you. I have learnt from my lessons. I have.

“Everyday I close my eyes as the sun goes down and I spew at the fact it’s another day I don’t get back with them.”

Magistrate Maughan said he had "empathy for the situation" Cousins had found himself in, but believed he could not comply with court orders.

Cousins was denied bail and will return to court on 30 October.

Cousins was released from jail in January, after serving almost a year for stalking his Tinecheff.