Australia’s Most Wanted Men Could Be Your Colleague Or Your Neighbour

Authorities have appealed to the public to help track down the country’s top ‘Rogue Radars’.

Some of them are wanted for serious offences, and could be hiding in unwary communities across the country.

Police and Crime Stoppers Australia have appealed to the public to help track down ten high-profile fugitives that could be living interstate or under new names.

“The criminals on this year’s list have not just vanished; we believe many of them have crossed borders since committing their respective crimes and are living or hiding in communities throughout Australia,” Crime Stoppers Chairman Trevor O’Hara said on Monday.

“These criminals may appear to be leading a normal life; they may be your work colleague, neighbour or a new person that has moved to your area, hiding in plain sight.”
WANTED by NSW Police: Paul Paterson (L), Paul Brent Steadman (centre), Harley Bennett (R).

The men on this year’s ‘Rogue Radar’ list are wanted on outstanding arrest warrants or for dodging parole for offences ranging from drug trafficking, to sexual assault and murder.

Four alleged offenders --  Harley Bennett, Cody Allan Coppock, Paul Brent Steadman and Paul Paterson --  are wanted by New South Wales Police but may be interstate.

Paul Steadman, 50, was in 2015 charged with offences relating to the sexual assault of a then 13-year-old boy. He was working as a karate instructor in the Bathurst area  at the time and failed to appear in court.

Steadman is described as being of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander appearance, with black hair and brown eyes. Police believe he has left the area.

Paul Paterson, 48, was convicted of a serious assault on a two-year-old girl in Wauchope in 1996. He breached his parole conditions upon his release, and is believed to be in the Darwin area.

The convicted criminal may be known as Paul James or Jason Anthony Taylor.

WANTED by Victoria Police: Jonathon Edward Dick (L), Pham Nguyen (centre), Graham Gene Potter (R)

Victoria Police are hunting for three fugitives -- Graham Potter, Jonathon Dick and Pham Nguyen -- who may also have crossed borders.

Graham Potter, 60, is wanted for two counts of conspiracy to murder relating to a Melbourne gangland execution plot in 2008.

There have been several sightings of the man after he was arrested and charged but failed to appear in court when he was granted bail.

He is described as having a medium build with brown eyes and brown hair, and may also be known as Josh Lawson or Peter Anderson.

Queensland Police are hunting for Arron Michael Blenkinsop who was convicted for drug trafficking in Cairns Supreme Court in 2015.

Jonathon Dick is wanted over the murder of his brother, who was attacked with a samurai sword and knife in Doncaster last February. The man disappeared after the murder, with police later finding his blue Ford sedan dumped in Ivanhoe East.

Dick, who may have changed his appearance, is possibly armed with a knife and is believed to be living on the streets.

Pham Nguyen is wanted for conduct endangering life after he allegedly climbed into the backseat of a woman’s car last year, throwing petrol over her and assaulting her, causing her to drive into a pole. 

Police have issued a warrant for his arrest after he fled from the vehicle.

South Australia Police is hunting for Jonathan Robert Simmons who is wanted for ten deception offences that took place in Adelaide.

South Australia Police have issued an arrest warrant for Jonathan Robert Simmons, wanted for ten deception offences that took place in Adelaide after he obtained more than $50,000 from a fraudulent punter’s website. 

Simmons, now 26, is also known as John Robert Griffiths and Tristian or John Simmons.  

The ‘Rogue Radars’ list was launched in 2011 to raise the profile of offenders. Last year, 63 percent of profiled fugitives were apprehended following information provided by the public.

Members of the public are urged not to approach any of the offenders under any circumstances, but to call Triple Zero immediately or report any information to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website.