Bay Run Flasher Jailed, Apologises To Victims

The 'fanged flasher' exposed himself to joggers on the popular Sydney running track.

For weeks the women of Sydney’s inner west were living in fear as Andrew Grant preyed on females, flashing and harassing them as they jogged along the famous ‘bay run’.

In court on Wednesday, the 29-year-old father apologised to his terrified victims and blamed a traumatic childhood for his actions.

He will be behind bars until at least November after already serving five months jail. On release, he will be supervised for three years and forced to undergo sex offender treatment.

Police issued an urgent appeal after seven women were harassed, one attacked, by a man with sharp prominent front teeth, as they exercised along the bay in the inner west in a three-week stretch between January 31 and February 17.

“I’ve imposed my deluded thoughts on innocent people… I had absolutely no right to do so," Grant told a Magistrate.

“I’m ashamed and deeply remorseful… ultimately I failed as a man.”

“I have absolutely no excuse for the crimes I’ve committed… I’ve acted less than an animal. I’ve caused great fear among the community.”

The man exposed himself to victims along the popular run.

Grant's lawyer said the 29 year-old was "self-destructing" and hoping to be caught, claiming he suffered from possible bipolar disorder and driven by trauma suffered as a child.

Grant watched his mother be brutally stabbed and saw his younger brother die after being hit by a car.

But police argued Grant should be locked up because he’s done this before in Western Australia. Police prosecutor Jamie Palmer described his attacks as brazen and abhorrent.

“This is an area where women go to exercise, where families go to exercise," he said.

“These women who were approached … had to run to safety. They were scared. They were concerned about what was going to happen.”

Magistrate Schurr thanked the victims "for reporting these matters to the police… to protect themselves and other members of the public.”

Grant was sentenced to an eight-month jail term with a three-year good behaviour bond.