'I Wasn't High': Alleged Drug Driver Denies She Was On Cocktail Of Ice And Cannabis

"I’d be shocked, in shock. Is that what happened?"

A 22-year-old woman admitted she hit and killed beloved aged care nurse Kay Shaylor two years ago, but denied she was under the influence of drugs at the time.

On Monday, Bianca Harrington's district court trial was played a police interview, recorded in the hours immediately after the early morning crash at Gosford.

Bianca Harrington

In part of the interview played, the court heard:

HARRINGTON: "This didn’t happen at six o’clock this morning, the crash.”

POLICE: "Yeah it did.”

HARRINGTON: "Well how come I was at the hospital at seven o’clock at night."

POLICE: "No seven o’clock this morning.”

HARRINGTON: "My god what the hell… it’s all just confusing to me."

Harrington appeared anxious and was constantly sniffing back a runny nose during the interview, all symptoms of methamphetamine use, according to the Crown.

Expert witness Dr Judith Perl told the court "her impairment was substantial."

"Her recollections were scattered… particularly of the morning of the incident," Perl said.

"Her story kept changing... those scattered thoughts would be acute intoxication."

Kay Shaylor died in the crash.

Ice and cannabis were allegedly found in Harrington's blood, and despite telling police she smoked “four or five” bongs in the lead up to the horror smash, she denied she’s a drug driver.

She sobbed in the dock and at one point yelled out to the Judge “is any of this relevant”, upset after sitting through more than half an hour of the police tape.

Shaylor’s family were in court too ,and wiped away tears as they listened to what Harrington had to say. At other times, they shook their heads in disbelief.

Another part of the interview included:

POLICE: "So if I said to you that your vehicle crossed onto the wrong side of the road and had a head on collision with another car, what would you say?"

HARRINGTON: "I’d be shocked, in shock. Is that what happened? "

POLICE: "Yeah, yeah."

HARRINGTON: "No, I didn’t."

The trial is expected to last several days.