Uber Drink-Driver Caught At Twice The Legal Limit On The Job

He has been banned from the ride-sharing app.

An Uber driver has been caught drink-driving with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

The 40-year-old man was charged after registering a blood alcohol result of 0.125 during a random breath test in Sandy Bay, Hobart, on Friday night.

Southern Road Safety Task Force officer in charge Sergeant Hogget said this sort of charge was “extremely uncommon”.

“Uber drivers are hired by the general public for a variety of reasons, including being the ‘designated driver’ after a night out,” he said.

“The public have a right to expect to be safe whilst using such services, therefore I urge drivers of hire vehicle’s to ensure they have not consumed alcohol prior to driving.”

Uber has been hit with a long list of scandals, ranging from reports of sexual harassment to cyber attacks putting customer's private information at risk. Image: Getty

In response to the incident, an Uber spokesperson told ten daily the driver had been banned from the app.

"Uber has a zero tolerance policy for the use of alcohol on the app," the spokesperson said.

"Upon learning of this, we immediately removed the driver partner's access to the app.”

When a vehicle is under hire, it becomes a 'prescribed vehicle', police said, meaning its driver is not permitted to have any alcohol in their system.

The man was charged with driving a motor vehicle whilst exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit and being a driver of a prescribed vehicle with alcohol in body.

He will face court at a later date.