SCG Streakers Conviction Overturned On Appeal

They were slapped with a $2500 fine each.

Thanks to a legal balls up, two streakers who ran onto the pitch at the SCG last year have had their criminal charges quashed.

Cousins Josh Hudson and Chad Sharp stripped off and raced to the centre of the pitch in front of a sell-out Big Bash cricket crowd, dodging more than 20 security guards.

But on Wednesday a judge found that, while their behaviour was indecent, it wasn’t “extreme” or “obscene”, and overturned their previous conviction on a technicality.

Image: AAP

Outside court both men were relived.

“Yeah definitely, we won’t be doing it again that’s for sure.” 23-year-old Hudson said.

Their barrister, Peter Strain, argued the original punishment was taken “way too far”. Late last year they were each convicted of ‘wilful and obscene exposure’, a charge usually handed to predators who target and expose themselves to children.

“We are essentially a nation of knockabouts,” Strain argued.

“There were a number of shots of children shown laughing, clapping, screaming.”

But Prosecutor Daryl Gunter wanted the original charge to stick.

“It is a serious act of exposure in a very public place… it's way up the top end of the scale.”

Image: AAP

In the end the judge overturned their convictions but not without giving the pair a lecture first.

“You two blokes are extremely lucky that you didn’t get convicted of obscene exposure,” Judge Christopher Armitage said.

He added that if they’d been charged with the slightly less serious offence of ‘indent exposure’ initially, they’d still be looking at a criminal record.

“I want you blokes to realise that if you do anything remotely like this in the future you could end up being jailed, just keep that in mind.”

“Yes absolutely," both responded.

Their original $2500 fine for running onto the ground itself remains, as does their two-year ban from the SCG.