Young Couple Charged Over Stabbing At Woolworths

A man has been charged with the offence, while is partner is accused of concealing the crime.

A personal trainer has been charged with the violent stabbing of a 16-year-old at a supermarket car park in Sydney's inner-west.

Jeremy Allen, 29,  was arrested on Sunday for allegedly stabbing the boy in the hand and the abdomen at a Woolworths in Balmain. Police allege Allen asked the 16-year-old for a lighter before he attacked him.

Following a raid at a property on Foy Street in Balmain, Allen was charged with cause wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent to murder, reckless grievous bodily harm and reckless wounding.

Jeremy Allen will remain in custody until his hearing on September 11. Image: Instagram.

He was refused bail by Magistrate John Favretto and will remain in custody until September 11 when he is due to face Central Local Court.

Allen's partner Cassandra Ross, 23, was also arrested at the Foy street address and later charged with concealing a serious indictable offence. The weightlifter did not apply for bail and will face Central Local Court on Wednesday.

Acting Superintendent Anthony Bell told reporters on Friday the 16-year-old victim underwent surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and is now in a stable condition. He said the boy was simply shopping with friends when the alleged attack occurred.

“This was a teenager who was just attending a local supermarket with his friends,” Bell said.

“He was confronted by a male in car park, there was a short one way conversation whereby the victim was asked for a lighter after which followed a swift and unprovoked attack, with a stabbing to the hand and abdomen.”