Family Court Bombing: Court Case Is 'Lame', Defence Claims

"The idea that by himself he could have constructed the bombs is absurd"

The lawyer for alleged Family Court bomber Leonard John Warwick said a ‘monster’ was responsible for the infamous string of 1980s crimes, but that isn’t his client.

Warwick, 71, is accused of the 1980 shooting murders of his brother-in-law and Justice David Opas; bombing Justice Richard Gee’s home and the Family Court building in Parramatta in 1984; and, in the same year, the bombing of the home of Justice Ray Watson, in which the judge's wife Pearl was killed.

In 1985, Mr Warwick also allegedly set off a bomb that levelled a Jehovah’s Witnesses hall, killing one man and injuring 13 others.

“The idea that by himself he could have constructed the bombs is absurd,” Conolly continued.

“The evidence that he might have the expertise comes out of Monty Python. It’s absurd, it’s ridiculous.”

He said Warwick didn’t have the skills or motivation to pull off the crimes, claiming the facts just don’t add up and calling the Crown's case "lame".

“Who knows what sort of monster blew up that church? There’s just nothing about Mr Warwick that sensibly, you could associate with that act," Conolly said.

The Family Court building after the 1984 bombing

Former Judge Josephine Maxwell has been called to give evidence. The retired Justice was appointed as a Judge of the Family Court in 1976.

Did you become aware that threats had been made?” Crown Prosecutor Ken McKay asked.

“Certainly, there were threats. After the bombing there were quite a lot of bomb scares and we’d be evacuated from the court," Maxwell replied.

"There was some threats publicly made that involved yourself and two other judges? Is that right?" McKay continued.

“Yes, it is… we were said to be next in line," Maxwell said.

The trial continues.