Witnesses Tell Of How They Thought Axe Was Fake Before Bloody Attack

“These flashbacks of her locking eyes on me under the lights of the petrol pumps”.

Nathan Wood still suffers traumatic flashbacks after he came within centimetres of an axe wielding Evie Amati. 

Wood wasn’t physically injured in last year’s 7-Eleven attack in Sydney that saw Amati strike several people with an axe. 

“She exited the building, her eyes locked with me and she began crossing the street,” Mr Wood told a District Court jury.

Crown Prosecutor Daniel McMahon asked Wood how quickly Amati had been moving. 

“Slow, steady and deliberate.” Wood replied.

Amati had just struck two strangers. 

She doesn’t deny being behind the blood bath, but her lawyer Charles Waterstreet said she didn’t mean to murder anyone and was “out of her mind” at the time.

Amati  didn’t get to take a swing at Wood, who was across the street from the store. He ran away from her, but he says he’ll never forget that night. 

“These flashbacks of her locking eyes on me under the lights of the petrol pumps” he said. 

He’s still being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Amati did manage to land a blow on a third victim Shane Redwood who was also across the street. He gave evidence from the UK via a video link. 

“I noticed it wasn’t a bat it was in fact an axe… I gathered she was going to try and kill me with the axe” he told the court.

“She took the axe and swung at me… I swung my backpack around to stop getting hit with the axe.. then she tried swinging again, I blocked it again but I was hit so hard my bag flew out of my hands.”

Another witness Justin Gendle watched Amati walk towards the 7-Eleven as he drove along Stanmore Road.

“I stopped in the middle of road and viewed her… she proceeded to the back of the store... I guess at that point I thought maybe it was a costume party” he said.