CCTV RELEASED: Axe Attacker Gasps As Footage Of Her Slashing Victims Is Played

An alleged axe attacker has gasped in court, as gruesome CCTV footage is shown in court of the rampage.

A jury has been shown the moment a woman launched a bloody and violent assault on strangers at an inner west 7-Eleven.

Evie Amati doesn't deny it's her in the security footage wielding an axe but her lawyer says she wasn't in her right mind at the time and didn't mean it.

The jury has to decide if she was indeed mentally unwell or whether Ms Amati was just plain homicidal.

The security vision shows the then 24 year old walk across the service station forecourt and into the convenience store. She does a lap of the shop, axe in hand, a yellow kitchen knife in her back pocket. She stops to talk to Ben Rimmer who was buying a late night snack, before striking.

Mr Rimmer's face is split open and he staggers to the ground as Ms Amati turns her attention to a woman with dread locks. She strikes Sharon Hacker twice in quick succession.

Ms Amati steps over her as blood splatters across the floor and Mr Rimmer attempts to stem the flow with his t-shirt.

Evie Amati gasped and hung her head as footage of her attack was shown from every angle.

Witness Nathan Wood today told the jury, "I saw Ms Amati exiting the building with the dripping axe… her eyes locked with me and she began crossing the street".

Crown Prosecutor Daniel McMahon asked;

"How quickly was she moving?"

"Slow, steady and deliberate." Mr Wood replied.

Her lawyer Charles Waterstreet yesterday told the jury that while the vision captured his clients body; "the question you have to answer is where was her mind?" He says the transgender woman has long suffered from mental illness and was "out of her mind" at the time and could not possibly have intended to kill people.

The trial is expected to run for several weeks.