Woman Accused Of Axe Attack Said She Was ‘Going To Kill People’

A court has heard an alleged axe attacker posted she was 'going to kill people' in the lead up to a Sydney rampage.

A court has been told that in the hour before grabbing a two kilogram axe and allegedly attacking three people, Evie Amati messaged a friend on Facebook;

"Most people deserve to die I hate people - one day I'm going to kill a lot of people,” she said. In the early hours of January 7, last year it’s alleged she tried to do exactly that.

Two people were badly injured inside the 7-Eleven at Enmore. Ben Rimmer was waiting to buy something, when he had his face sliced open.

“It was just like being king hit… I stood up and there was just blood… I basically thought I was just going to bleed out,” he told the jury.

Second victim Sharon Hacker said she’s been left with debilitating pain after being struck to the back of the head.

“I had this intense ringing... but I just remember thinking get inside,” she said.

It’s alleged a third person was attacked on Stanmore Road as Ms Amati fled the store.

Lawyer Charles Waterstreet says his client was “out of her mind”, and didn’t intend on killing.

“This is a woman of intelligence not an axe murderer.”

The court was told the 26-year-old, born as Karl, had previously been a star student but struggled after gender reassignment surgery. Mr Waterstreet told the jury Evie’s transition and subsequent hormone therapy resulted in mental illness and a need for high doses of anti-depressants.

He also told them she’d taken the illicit drug MDA that night and had consumed alcohol.

But Crown Prosecutor Daniel McMahon argued Amati wasn’t suffering from mental health issues, instead he said she was simply “homicidal”.

Having updated her Facebook status minutes before the attack with;

“Humans are only able to destroy, to hate, so that is what I shall do.”

In the coming weeks the court will hear from a number of witnesses including paramedics, police and doctors. It’s also expected that CCTV which shows the attack will be played to the jury.