British Man Arrested After 'Violent Sexual Attack' At Tourist Hotspot

A young man and woman were out in Jindabyne when they were allegedly attacked by a group of men.

A British man has been arrested over an alleged attack at a popular tourist destination where another man was left unconscious and a woman physically and sexually assaulted.

Detectives have launched an investigation into the alleged assault that took place in Jindabyne on Thursday morning.

The 22-year-old woman and the 25-year-old man were enjoying a night out in the popular tourist town when they were set upon by three men at 1.30am.

Police say the pair was walking along the footpath on Kosciuszko Road, opposite Foreshore Park, when the man was punched unconscious.  The woman was then physically and sexually assaulted.

When the man regained consciousness, he tried to help the woman, but was knocked unconscious again.

Image: Google Maps.

The man and the woman were treated for serious facial injuries at the scene and were then transferred to hospitals for further treatment. The woman was taken to Canberra hospital, while the man was taken to Cooma Hospital. Both have since been released.

A 28-year-old man, who is British National, was arrested after a search warrant at a home unit in Jindabyne on Tuesday morning.

He has been taken in for questioning, police said.

Detective Acting Superintendent Tom Barnes has appealed to the public for dash cam vision from between 1am and 2am on Thursday, as investigations continue.

“We would also like to speak to anyone who may have been out earlier on Wednesday evening and noticed something suspicious – or someone acting suspiciously,” he said on Monday.

Monaro Police District Commander, Acting Superintendent Sandra Green said that while tourists are welcome to visit the region during the ski season, acts of violence are never tolerated.

“We have a close-knit community, who have already provided investigators with significant assistance in the investigation, and we expect anyone who has any information relevant to this incident to come forward," she said.

Assault Higher In Jindabyne During Winter

Assault rates in the Jindabyne suburb are higher during the winter months than the summer according to statistics obtained by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Looking at assault rates in the suburb over the last five years, the June- September period sees a consistent annual spike. This is attributed to a higher transient population in the suburb as it is a popular tourist destination during the NSW ski season.

Image: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

On average, assault is higher in NSW during the warmer months, as generally more people are outdoors and more alcohol is consumed. The opposite is true for the Snowy Mountains region and the Jindabyne suburb, as more people out on the streets results in a higher rate of crime.

Jindabyne has a permanent residential population of just 2,629 and the off-peak summer months seems rates of assault drop dramatically.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.