Fake Gynecologist Used 'Brutal' Procedure On Patients

Several victims sobbed in court.

Raffaele di Paolo fooled medical professionals and patients for years, and now he’s been convicted of 51 offences and sentenced to nine-and-a-half years behind bars.

Some of women who pursued charges against him wept as the jail term was finally announced.

Just before he announced the punishment  the County Court Judge Bill Stuart said di Paolo was a 'charlatan who has no insight and no remorse'.

The fake gynecologist who presented himself as a fertility specialist had no tertiary qualifications.

The County Court heard the 61-year-old briefly attended university in Melbourne and Rome.

While working at a clinic in Italy he was provided with a forged medical degree and a document which falsely stated he received top marks in obstetrics and gynecology.

For more than 10 years he practiced in Melbourne, fleecing hundreds of thousands of dollars from couples desperate to become parents.

Several of his 30 victims told the court di Paolo told them they’d fall pregnant within months while under his care.

Many of them had been through unsuccessful rounds of conventional IVF.

Patients paid di Paolo thousands of dollars for regular consultations and treatments involving blood tests, injections, vitamins and internal and external ultrasounds.

Di Paolo  presented himself as offering a more natural and successful service than other IVF clinics, and told patients he favoured homeopathic methods.

“It is clear to me that you are insightless and you have no remorse,” Judge Stuart  said.

“Perhaps you have some self pity.”

Di Paolo's lawyers said their client had great empathy with his patients and genuinely wanted to help them, but  Judge Stuart said “In the end what is important is what you did, and what you took.”

Di Paolo repeatedly used a needle on one male patient's testes without local anesthetic, a procedure the judge described as brutal.

The court heard none of his offending was sexually motivated.

Di Paolo will be eligible for parole after serving six and a half years.

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