Racist Graffiti Splashed Across Sydney University

"This is racist, this is unfair... This is not what Australia should be."

Shocking racist graffiti has been found splashed across the University of Sydney, including at a dormitory for international students.

Crude slogans and drawings have been found daubed across walls, signs and bus stops in and around the inner-city university campus. The graffiti, in black texta, featured vile statements including 'stop the Asian invasion' and 'f**k off gooks', and racist drawings.


Pictures of the graffiti was shared in Sydney-based Facebook groups. One woman, posting in a popular Newtown 2042 group on Sunday, said:

This is racist, this is unfair. Seeing an Asian-Australian woman reading this broke my heart. This is not what Australia should be. I hope this sign is removed.

Sydney university student publication Honi Soit reported some graffiti had been scrawled on a building housing the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Elsewhere it has been reported similar graffiti was also found in the business school and at the International House student residence.


In the Newtown 2042 Facebook group, others posted photos of identical graffiti on a sign in Sydney's inner-west, away from the university campus.

A former uni student alerted the university to the graffiti in a Facebook post on Sunday. The university replied:

This was removed by security as soon as it was reported on Sunday morning. Everyone has a right to feel safe and part of our inclusive environment on campus and the University takes reports of graffiti like this very seriously. We would urge anyone with knowledge of incidents to report them to Campus Security for appropriate investigation and further action.

In an official statement, a university spokesperson said they regarded the graffiti as an isolated incident, and that it was not a systemic problem.

In August 2017, anti-Asian graffiti was found scrawled in bathrooms in the International House.