Keith Goodbun Jailed For 'Chilling Execution' Of Wife In Front Of Daughter

A Judge said Keith Goodbun had resolved to kill his wife Molly and burn her house down in a 'chilling and deeply shocking crime.'

Keith Goodbun was married to Molly for more than 40 years.

But two years ago, he shot his 59-year-old estranged wife multiple times in the head and torso, “executing” her in front of their distraught daughter.

The 62 year old was on Wednesday handed an effective life sentence, jailed for up to 41 years and six months.

He exhaled heavily when he was told -- at the earliest --  he’ll be 93 years old before being eligible for parole, then blew kisses to supporters as he was led away.

Molly Goodbun was 'executed' by husband Keith in front of their distraught daughter in October 2016. Image: Supplied

Justice Helen Wilson said he had resolved to kill Molly Goodbun and burn her house down in a "chilling and deeply shocking crime."

On the night of the murder, he drove 250 kilometres from Taree to her Maitland home and had already checked his rifle to make sure the scope was "dead accurate.”

Molly had taken out an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order but he arrived at her home just after 3am on 7 October, 2016.

The couple's eldest daughter Bionca Simmons, aged in her 30s, saw her father shoot her mother in the chest and tried to get the .22 calibre rifle away from him.

He hit his own daughter in the head with the butt of the rifle. During their struggle, the gun fired, narrowly missing her.

As his daughter tried to give her mum first aid, he yelled, “Get the f--- out of here or you’re next.”

Simmons cradled her mother, saying, “I love you mum, stay with me, I’m getting you help, please don’t leave me.”

Her mother nodded in response.

Simmons then screamed at her father, “Look at what you have done to her.”

Police at the scene of the crime in Maitland in October 2016. Image: Ten News

Instead of answering his daughter’s cries for help, Goodbun fired at his stricken ex-wife, shooting her in the head, once at point blank range in the temple.

During his police interview, he said he had two 10-litre fuel drums in his car, intending to “blow away anyone who got in his way.”

“The bullets I put in the gun, I would have shot the first police officer that walked through the gate but then I thought they’ve got a job to do.

“Then I thought I can go to jail for 30 years and get bed and breakfast every day so I shot Molly two more times.”

The court on Wednesday heard he now felt extreme sorrow and remorse for what he had done to his family.

His youngest daughter Rachel Goodbun said she and her sister had suffered terribly since their mother's shocking murder.

In a harrowing victim impact statement, she said her mother cared about everyone and was “always willing to see the good” in her estranged husband.

“She died bleeding on the floor of the house that she spent so many years trying to make a loving, safe home,” her daughter stated.

“Did she understand the person she had spent a lifetime loving, wanting to see her dead?

Did she see my sister fighting with my father, trying with everything she had to save her? I hope not.”

The judge on Wednesday cited statistics that showed one woman in Australia is killed by an intimate partner each week, adding domestic violence was a profoundly troubling problem in Australia.

When it comes to these statistics, “all of us should be greatly ashamed,” Justice Wilson said.