Footage Shows Man Attacked AND Then Mugged While Unconscious

Instead of helping the man, witnesses stole his wallet and phone before the attackers returned to take photos.

Shocking vision has been released by the New York City Police Department of a man being robbed while unconscious.

The CCTV vision shows a man being punched while walking down the street, his attackers leave him on the ground, blacked out.

A few moments later, passers by arrive and instead of helping the victim, they rifle through his pockets stealing his wallet and phone.

People gather to steal the man's belongings, instead of calling for help. Image: NYPD

In a shameless display of brashness, the man who threw the punch then returns to take photos of the unconscious victim as he lies helpless on the ground.

The attackers high five each other after knocking the man unconscious. Image: NYPD

The alleged attacker walks away and high fives his friend.

The victim remains in a critical condition with a fractured skull.

The vision was taken on June 18 and police are still on the hunt for the suspects.