Cold Blooded Execution Of Sydney Teen Leads To 28 Year Jail Sentence

No one will know who pulled the trigger on Bassil Hijazi while he cowered in the back of a car.

A drug dealer who murdered a teenager in a Sydney shopping centre car park has been jailed for a maximum 28 years.

The judge today called it a "cold blooded execution."

Adding 18-year-old Bassil Hijazi would have suffered "terrible pain and awful fear before he died" from 2 bullets which struck him in the neck.

His killer -- Joseph Gatt -- on Friday put his hand on his heart and looked at his father, who had been crying before his son's sentence had even begun.

Justice Monika Schmidt said it was a matter of pure luck no-one else had been injured, or even killed.

Gatt and his close mate George Borg were drug dealers out on a mission of revenge.

Two months before the 2013 murder, Gatt's van had been fired at, and both he and Borg suspected Hijazi, who was a Comanchero bikie associate.

When police moved in on them, Gatt and Borg's friendship soured and they blamed each other.

The judge on Friday ruled no-one will know who pulled the trigger on Hijazi while he cowered in the back of a car.

This was a joint criminal enterprise, responsible for an execution.

"Mr Gatt and Mr Borg were both armed when they approached the car, both fired guns," Justice Schmidt said.

"Only one fired a hail of seven bullets that caused Mr Hijazi's death, two hitting him in the neck."

The judge made a point of attacking Gatt's drug lifestyle.

"For some considerable time he made a living from drug dealing that led to overseas travel for holidays.

"It also led to involvement with firearms and Mr Hijazi's murder."

Gatt will spend at least the next 21 years behind bars.