Wife Backs 'Chinese Hugh Jackman' On Sex Assault Charges

The Actor's wife, mother and child have moved to Australia.

The wife, mother and child of an actor dubbed “China’s Hugh Jackman” have moved to Australia and rented an apartment, as part of a last-ditch bid to secure bail for him as he fights sexual assault charges.

Police alleged Yunxiang Gao and another man forced oral sex and intercourse on a young woman in a room at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel in March.

Gao is applying for bail in the Supreme Court after an earlier failed application in the Local Court.

Gao’s wife Dong Xuan, also a well known actress in China, arrived at court surrounded by a team of burly security guards who carved a path through a large throng of Chinese and Australian media.

Gao’s barrister John Korn told the court his client had made the decision to move to Australia, and given up a large portion of her career in an effort to support her husband.

“It’s no mean feat to get up and move countries”, Korn said.

“She’s relocating all immediate family... Mr Gao’s mother has moved here. Their child has been brought back here.”

He said if bail was granted, the family would be prepared to live together in a three bedroom apartment at Chatswood, for which they have signed a 12-month lease.

The court heard from two other people who have offered sureties in support of the bail application.

A former class-mate of Gao, Bin Luo, said she was willing to provide $200,000 to the court from her home loan offset account.

“I know (Gao) very well and I trust him”, she said.

“I didn’t have any hesitation at all. All my classmates and teachers are very proud of him. He is the pride of our class.”

A friend of Gao’s wife, Lina Fu, offered to put up her $1.2 million home as security, despite admitting she did not know Gao very well.

Police allege the assault on the young woman took place in the room of Gao’s co-accused Jin Wang, after the trio attended a dinner and karaoke bar.

All three were involved in a Chinese TV production 'Love in Arena', which has been filming in Sydney.

Another man who attended the function that night, Yan Yu, told the court he saw Wang and the victim were being amorous in the hours before the assault.

“I saw them hug and kiss each other, mouth to mouth... on several occasions”, he said.

“Some of the kissing continued for maybe three to five minutes”.

Gao’s legal team suggested the victim had become “obsessed” with their client, and also tendered security video from the karaoke bar and the Shangri-La hotel, which they claim back up Yu’s evidence.

They claim the CCTV showed the victim waving away a van which had been waiting to pick her up, prior to her entering the hotel room.

The Crown questioned Yu’s motivation, revealing he is a shareholder in the same company as Wang, which stands to benefit financially if the charges are dismissed.

Justice Lucy McCallum has indicated she will hand down her decision on bail tomorrow.