Salim Mehajer Gets Minimum 11-Months, Sister Avoids Jail

Fatima gets suspended sentence and good behaviour bond.

In towering heels, scaling the stairs to justice outside Downing Centre Court in Sydney, Salim Mehajer’s sister Fatima took a tumble even before she was sentenced on election fraud.

"Oh for f**k’s sake give me some f**king space," she yelled at surrounding media as she crashed to the ground.

Fatima Mehajer Stumbles Outside Of Court

Inside court, Magistrate Beverley Schurr sentenced the 28-year-old first.

She was given a suspended two month jail sentence and nine month good behaviour bond. The magistrate said she was an intelligent woman who had been under the influence of her brother Salim when she helped rig the Auburn Council elections in July 2012.

Fatima Mehajer arrives at the Downing Centre Local Courts in Sydney on Friday (AAP Image/Joel Carrett

“In the past she was all Team Salim,” Magistrate Schurr said on Friday.

“She was under Team Salim pressure from the family.

“She wanted to own what she’d done. It can’t be all about Salim any more."

Ms Mehajer pleaded guilty to 77 charges of giving false information to the Australian Electoral Commission.

While she stood for election and failed, her brother was catapulted into the deputy mayor position by a slim margin.

The magistrate said while her crime “strikes at the heart of the democratic process,” her pre-sentence reports showed she was a positive woman with a stable network of support.

She is also the mother of three very young children, one aged three and twins just 15 months old.

The twins were born prematurely and had ongoing medical needs, meaning they need their mother.

UPDATE: Salim Mehajer has been sentenced to a minimum of 11-months jail for electoral fraud.

More to come.