Ron Medich Jailed For 39 Years Over McGurk Murder

Judge ruled Medich had "a deep seated hatred" for his former business partner.

Ron Medich is destined to die in jail after being sentenced to a maximum 39 years.

Gasps rang out in a packed Sydney courtroom on Thursday as justice was served, almost 10 years since Medich masterminded the execution-style murder of former business partner Michael McGurk.

McGurk's widow and children, who were in court for the sentence, cried and hugged.

Medich shook his head in disbelief. To this day, he maintains his innocence.

In sentencing the former millionaire property developer, Justice Geoffrey Bellew said;

"I am satisfied the offender directed and financed the murder of Mr McGurk, motivated by a deep seated hatred he had developed for Mr McGurk.

"He treated his life as being of no value at all and something he could simply disperse of when he thought it was in his way.

"Directing and financing the killing of another human being is a fundamentally abhorrent and heinous crime."

Medich was also jailed for intimidating McGurk's widow.

"His actions were breathtakingly callous, inherently ruthless and demonstrative of the depths he was willing to descend," Justice Bellew ruled.

The judge stressed the murder had been "catastrophic" on the victim's family.

He classed their suffering as the most severe emotional upheaval imaginable.

"Each of them was shockingly confronted with the violent, sudden and unexpected death of their obviously much-loved father," the judge said.

"Each of them should be admired and lauded for the extraordinary efforts they have made to try to come to terms with what has happened."

Justice Bellew said he hoped today's sentence provided "some positive step for each of them.

"I extend my deepest sympathy to Mrs McGurk and her four children."