Parents Speak Out About Horrific Murder Of Son

Jeffrey Lindsell's parents had to watch helplessly as their son was engulfed in fire.

Engulfed in flames, Jeffrey Lindsell's parents could only watch in horror as their son ran out of a burning granny flat.

His ex-girlfriend has now been charged with murder. The 46 year old is accused of tampering with the water supply and then deliberately lighting the fire while Jeffrey slept inside his Gymea granny flat on October 7, 2017.

Hours later his parents saw their son running out of his burning granny flat on fire.

Mr Lindsell died of his injuries in hospital two days later on October 9. According to police he had 'suffered extensive burns'.

The Sydney Morning Herald  reported police were able to collate key evidence in the case after a public appeal that saw a local resident who allegedly saw someone tampering with the water supply at the property.

His parents have spoken out about their shock and trauma over the death of their son. They said they didn't know his ex-girlfriend Amanda Zukowski well.

Jeffrey's mother Kathleen Lindsell  said it was hard to think someone had done this on purpose to her son. She said she was grateful to the police and the public who had helped the investigation by coming forward with information.

Jeffrey's father Desmond Lindsell vividly remembers there was little-to-no water pressure as he to tried to douse the flames consuming his son’s granny flat. The image of Jeffrey on fire and running from the building is an image that haunts him.

Through tears, his father recounted the traumatic moment he saw his son engulfed in flames.

"Just him running out, on fire, it was horrendous" Desmond said.

"It will never, ever leave me."

"To see him run out was a shock, but the added shock was he was in flames" Kathleen recounted.

Zukwoski was denied bail to reappear at Newtown Local Court on August 14.

According to Fairfax media, her defence barrister Paul McGirr told the court there was “no evidence my client turned any tap off”.