Man Sentenced To 12 Years Behind Bars For Plane Bomb Scare

Manodh Marks pleaded guilty to attempting to take control of an aircraft in December 2017.

A Sri Lankan man who threatened to detonate a bomb on a flight out of Melbourne has been jailed for 12 years.

Manodh Marks, 26, forced Malaysia Airlines flight MH128 bound for Kuala Lumpur to turn back shortly after take-off when he screamed that he had a bomb after taking the drug ice in May 2017.

A visibly agitated Marks fought off cabin crew and fellow passengers while holding a speaker-type device with blue lights.

"I have a bomb with me. I want to talk to the pilot," one witness claimed Marks said.

"Don't come near me. I want to destroy this aircraft."

The hospitality student was eventually overpowered by passengers and restrained with cable ties until the flight landed back at Melbourne Airport.

But police made more than 200 passengers stay on the plane for almost 90 minutes before storming the aircraft and arresting Marks.

Officers copped criticism for taking so long to remove Marks and free the passengers.

Marks pleaded guilty to attempting to take control of an aircraft, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years behind bars.

He will serve a minimum nine years' jail and is likely be deported on his release.

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