Man Who Blew Up His Car At A Sydney Police Station Wanted His Dead Pets Placed In His Coffin

Peter Zhurawel, who and lit a gas canister on fire and then rammed his car into a western Sydney police station has been found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness.

What you need to know
  • Zhurawel lit a gas canister on fire inside his car, before ramming his vehicle into the roller door of an underground car park at Merrylands Police Station.
  • He was under the delusional belief he had been followed by corruption police for 30 years.
  • A note left at his Greystanes home stated he wanted to his dead pets buried in his coffin.
  • He was found not guilty of intentionally destroying property with intent to endanger life on the grounds of mental illness.

A man who set fire to a gas bottle in his car before crashing it into a Sydney police station pleaded for his dead pets to be buried with him in his coffin.

Peter Zhurawel survived the incident, and was on Tuesday found not guilty of intentionally destroying property with intent to endanger life on the grounds of mental illness.

Security cameras captured the moment the 63-year-old's car exploded then slid down a ramp and into the roller door of the underground carpark at Merrylands Police Station in July 2016.

He'd earlier purchased the LPG cylinder from a petrol station.

Zhurawel was a "hoarder" who was under the delusional belief that corrupt police had been following him for 30 years. He was a part time carer for his elderly mother and had recently had a fight with his brother, which resulted in an AVO.

When officers responded to the explosion and tried to help Zhurawel, who was badly burned and trapped in the vehicle, he repeatedly called them "bastards".

District Court Judge Siobhan Herbert said he "did not know what he was doing was wrong", citing the evidence of two medical practitioners who diagnosed him with either schizophrenia or a delusional disorder.

In an interview with police from his hospital bed, Zhurawel said he waited until police officers and members of the public were out of the way before lighting the cylinder, as he only wanted to harm himself.

A note found during a search of his Greystanes home asked that the remains of his pets be exhumed from their backyard burial locations so they could be placed in his coffin.

Dated July 21, 2016 -- the day of the incident -- the note reads:

"Please place the ashes of Bobic, Sandy and Blacky in my coffin when I'm buried, and if possible.... exhume the bodies of Crystal, Tiger and Puss and have them cremated and placed with me."

"You will find Crystal buried underneath my bedroom window, near the white stone in the brickwork. Her body will be inside to (sic) plastic bags from Vitamin King.

"My bedroom window is located to the right when you coming to the house. Tiger and Puss will be found buried close together at the back of the house, opposite the young gumtree at a depth of 2 to 3 feet and just before the pavers. Thank you."