Murderer Ron Medich 'Should Be Jailed For Life'

Convicted murderer Ron Medich should be jailed for life.

Convicted murderer Ron Medich should be jailed for life.

That was the call from Crown Prosecutor Sharon Harris during sentencing  submissions for the disgraced Sydney businessman.

The multi-millionaire developer has spent the past month behind bars after being found guilty of murdering his ex-business partner Michael McGurk, who was shot in the head outside his home in front of his nine-year-old son almost 10 years ago.

The jury believed Medich had been motivated by anger and greed and enlisted his good friend “Lucky” Gattellari to organise the execution-style murder.

“The seriousness of the offence … can only be met by a sentence of life imprisonment,” Ms Harris told the Supreme Court.

“Not only did he want the deceased murdered ... he then wanted the deceased’s wife, no doubt in the most vulnerable position, to be intimidated in order that he recoups his money.

“The combination of these two increases the seriousness significantly.”

Mr Medich, 70, sat listening intently.

The Crown also argued both offences required planning for financial gain.

“(Medich) had ample time for calm reflection to withdraw his direction to Gattellari, but rather he put pressure on Gattellari for it to occur,” Ms Harris said.

During his trial, Lucky Gattellari testified Medich would “rip into him” waiting for the murder to occur.

“What the f*@k are you doing?” Mr Medich said to Gattellari.

“All this f*@king money and the guy’s still walking around, what the f*@k is going on?”

Justice Geoffrey Bellew said he accepted the affects of Mr McGurk’s murder on his loved ones was “catastrophic."