Luxury Mercedes Stolen, Man Held At Gunpoint During Private Test Drive

"If something doesn't feel right, involve someone else in the process, or just walk away."

What you need to know
  • A man has been held at gunpoint and carjacked after taking potential buyer for test drive of luxury Mercedes
  • Police are urging private car sellers to be cautious when meeting with potential buyers
  • The man is still on the run and police are urging anyone with information to come forward

People selling their cars privately are being warned to take cautionary steps when meeting potential buyers, after a terrifying carjacking involving a gun in Sydney's south left a family shaken.

The victim, who asked only to be known by his first name,Nash, told Ten Eyewitness News how he was held at gunpoint on Tuesday night after taking a potential buyer of his brother-in-law's $120,000 Mercedes for a test drive in Connell's Point.

Nash was asked by his brother-in-law Raj to show the luxury vehicle to the man who came to the house wearing a hoodie, because Raj was away and his wife was alone.

"We just went down the street like normal, went around the block, and I said we've got to turn right here, but he's taken a left and I knew something was going to go down from there onward. "

Shortly after, Nash said the man pointed a gun at his ribs and demanded he hand over the keys and mobile phone.

"It was scary because I didn't realise what was going on until I saw the gun," Nash said.

He said he pleaded with the man to let him get out of the car but the driver continued for another minute before letting Nash go and driving off at a nearby intesection.

The terrifying ordeal has left the family extremely shaken and prompted a warning from police for private sellers to take caution, after Nash said there were several red flags in the man's actions leading up to the carjacking.

Superintendent Julian Griffith today said sellers should remain cautious "irrespective of how legitimately you are selling your car."

"At a minimum people should ensure that they make sufficient inquiries on potential buyers," Griffiths said, adding that sellers could ask potential buyers to show their licence.

"If something doesn't feel right, involve someone else in the process, or just walk away."

Raj said his wife has also been rattled by the incident, as they worry the thief might come back to their home now that he knows where the family lives and that they own other cars.

"I say to other people to be extremely mindful and be extremely careful when you are selling a car, and to make sure that you actually try to get a bit more information about the people coming to see the vehicle."

"You just don't know the kind of person coming into your house," Raj said, urging people not to invite potential buyers to private homes to inspect a vehicle.

Police are calling for anyone with information about the stolen 2015 Mercedes to come forward.

Police are now hunting for a man who is described as being of Pacific Islander appearance in his late 20s or early 30s, about 178cm tall with a solid build.

The car is described as being a metallic silver 2015 Mercedes with NSW registration 11SUMO.

Anyone who sees the man is urged not to approach him but contact police immediately, as he may still be armed.