Two More Charged Over Failed Pizza Delivery Plot To Kill Ricky Ciano

An alleged hit on former Rebels leader Ricky Ciano failed in 2015 when he refused to answer the door to armed bikie associates posing as pizza delivery men.

What you need to know
  • Two men have been charged over the alleged conspiracy to murder former bikie leader Ricky Ciano in 2015
  • It's alleged that he was targeted at his Central Coast home by armed bikie associates pretending to deliver a pizza
  • Ciano was found dead in 2017 under suspicious circumstances not relating to this conspiracy, detectives say

Two more men have been charged over the alleged 2015 conspiracy to murder former Rebels bikie leader Ricky Ciano.

It's alleged that Ciano was targeted by armed bikie associates pretending to deliver a pizza to his NSW Central Coast home, but that the hit failed when Ciano refused to answer the door.

A 25-year-old man and a 29-year-old man, both of whom are currently incarcerated, were charged on Tuesday over allegedly conspiring to murder Ciano at a home on the Central Coast on Monday 17 August, 2015 -- eighteen months before his death in February 2017.

Detectives stressed on Wednesday that based on current information, the alleged conspiracy to murder Ciano in 2015 is not related to his death.

Ricky Ciano was found dead in the back of his car outside Oberon in 2017. Source: Ten Eyewitness News

Both men appeared at court on Wednesday and will remain in custody before reappearing at Burwood Local Court in early June.

It comes off the back of a strike force set up in November 2015 to investigate the activities of the Burwood chapter of the Rebels gang and their associates.

Strike Force Raptor has led to hundreds of charges against more than 20 people, which remain before the court.

Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Scott Cook, said today that investigations are still very much ongoing.

"The Homicide Squad is working side-by-side with Strike Force Raptor and pursuing a number of lines of inquiry relating to the chapter's activities," he said.

"This includes a strong focus on the links between groups, as well as those who associate with -- and between -- the groups."

Police dashcam footage show some of the last known moments of Ciano, as he was stopped by highway patrol on February 11, 2017.

The death of 35-year-old Ciano, whose body was found near-naked in the back of his car in 2017, has long been a mystery to detectives.

Ciano, a former president of the Rebels' Sydney chapter, left the gang in 2015, and had been living in Queensland until the time of his death.

He flew into Sydney on the morning of February 11, telling friends and family he was going to visit his daughter and stopping by Penrith to visit friends.

Three days later his body was discovered in the back of his BMW outside Oberon, in the NSW Central Tablelands, stripped to his shoes and underwear.

The cause of death was determined to be a lethal dose of drugs, but detectives have kept an open mind as to how the drugs got into his system.

A separate investigation, Strike Force Kiaka, is being conducted into the circumstances around his death.

"We are continuing to piece together his movements over [that] weekend," said Detective Superintendent Cook.

"But based on the information we have gathered, the conspiracy is not related to his death."