Man Charged After Allegedly Breaking Into Museum, Taking Selfies With Dinosaur

A man who allegedly broke into the Australian Museum and spent 40 minutes wandering around the exhibits and taking selfies with dinosaur bones before stealing artwork and a hat, has turned himself in to police.

The alleged break-in occurred at about 1 am on Sunday, May 10 at the museum in Sydney's CBD, with police alleging the man walked through multiple levels of the building and attempted to gain access to rooms and looked through storage spaces.

The man, 25, also allegedly stole a piece of artwork and a brown cowboy hat off a stand -- believed to be owned by a member of staff --  before leaving the premises.

CCTV shared by police last week showed a man walking through the museum, at one point wearing a brown cowboy hat. Image: NSW Police.

Police launched an appeal to help identify the man on Friday, releasing CCTV showing a man walking through a number of different rooms in the museum.

The video also showed a man taking selfies with some of the dinosaur bones on display -- including at one point appearing to put his head inside the jaws of a dinosaur skull before taking a photo.

Image: NSW Police.

On Friday, Detective Chief Inspector Sean Heaney said police were taking the incident very seriously and urged the person responsible to contact police.

"He was in there for about 40 minutes. He wandered through some of the internal areas, checked some lockers and doors," Heaney said.

"He certainly enjoyed his night in the museum."

Heaney said it was "lucky" no historical artifacts were damaged in the incident.

On Friday, The Australian Museum confirmed to 10 daily that it had notified police of the incident.

Image: NSW Police.

The man has since been charged with breaking and entering after turning himself into a local police station on Sunday.

He was refused bail and is due to appear at Central Local Court on Monday.

Featured Image: NSW Police. 

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