Wat-er You Doing? Aussies Using The Shower To Facetime, Cry And Hide From Families

Apparently time spent in the shower is being used to do so much more than just, you know, clean ourselves.

Not only are Australians predominately using it as a sanctuary to deal with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they're also FaceTiming their families.

Yes, mid-suds.

According to research commissioned by Sydney Water, residents in the capital spend nine minutes showering each day on average.

Forty-two percent of those use the time to listen to music, 14 percent watch television and 10 percent catch up on podcasts.

Almost half (44 percent) confessed to utilising their shower-time to ponder life decisions, while about 20 percent said they plan work meetings or prepare for important conversations.

Apparently people are also hiding from their families or housemates, with 27 percent showering to avoid run-ins.

And 54 percent treat it as a sanctuary.

But the strangest figure of them all? Twelve percent of Sydneysiders are FaceTiming their family from the shower.

And we have many, many questions.

Twelve percent of Sydneysiders are FaceTiming their families from the shower. Image: Getty

Meanwhile, Sydney Water general manager Maryanne Graham said the shower is mainly used as a refuge "during this stressful time".

On Monday the organisation also launched the Water Wise Coach, which shows people via a Facebook survey how their habits translate into water usage.

The plug-in then provides a water-saving plan for the household.

"The Coach will tell you every minute in the shower uses 10 litres of water and when people turn the shower on and walk away to do something else, even more water is being wasted," Graham explained.

“As we’re only beginning to recover from the worst drought in our history, it’s important we don’t forget these recent events and keep making healthy water habits part of our everyday lives."

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