Back To Class - For Now: NSW School Shutdowns Will Be 'Frequent Occurrence', Premier Warns

As more students head back to classrooms, school shutdowns will become "a frequent occurrence", NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned.

"I do want to say, very openly, that a school community being shut down will become a frequent occurrence," Berejiklian said in a press conference on Thursday.

"We have over 2,200 public schools, plus Catholic and Independent schools and chances are, [with] our population and the number of cases, it's likely that someone in and around the school community will get the virus," she added.

"What is important is that we act quickly, that we have a procedure in place, which we do."

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Her message comes after a teacher at Werrington Public School in Sydney's west tested positive to coronavirus, forcing the school to shut for cleaning and contact tracing.

Last week, Sydney's Warragamba School was closed down after a student tested positive for the virus.

The Premier said NSW should expect more cases as shutdown measures are relaxed on Friday.



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Berejiklian said she is "of course" worried about the possible public health consequences of allowing cafes and pubs to reopen.

"Please don't expect the handful of cases we're getting every day to continue next week and beyond because the increase in activity does mean extra cases," she said.

"Just be mindful of crowds, be mindful of what you're doing. Don't touch surfaces unless you absolutely have to.

"Assume you have the virus or someone you're coming into contact with has the virus."

NSW reported four additional cases in the 24 hours from 9700 tests, bringing the state's total to 3063.