Gyms To Reopen In A Few Weeks If Stage One Works

Staying fit has been one of the hardest challenges of home isolation, but there’s hope on the horizon for Aussies wishing to get back to the gym.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison laid out the nation’s three-stage plan to emerge from the coronavirus-induced restrictions after the National Cabinet met on Friday.

As states and territories enter Stage One of the plan, bootcamps will be allowed to be run in outdoor spaces.

Under the second phase of the plan, indoor gyms will be allowed to reopen with no more than 20 patrons at a time.



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On Friday, the national cabinet agreed on a road map to ease the country out of coronavirus restrictions, but how and when the plan will be implemented in each state and territory will be different.



Gyms To Reopen 'In Days' In Some Parts Of Australia, 'In Weeks' For Others

The NT has already set a date for re-opening gyms, and when the Prime Minister unveiled his three stage plan to get the country back on its feet on Friday, other states and territories laid out their plans.

The fitness industry’s peak body, Fitness Australia, has welcomed the news, but CEO Barrie Elvish said further work needed to be done to to clarify what conditions fitness businesses can open under.

“It was encouraging to hear Scott Morrison specifically mention that gyms are the next cab off the rank,” Elvish said.

“With exact timing of reopenings to be determined at a state and territory level, Fitness Australia has been working extensively with state governments to development a comprehensive framework for the safe reopening of gyms.”

We can start hitting the gym soon, under a three-step plan for the country. Image: Getty

Elvish said it's expected that states and territories will move at different paces to reopen, which is in-line with what Morrison predicted for the general easing of restrictions around the country.

“Gyms can reopen safely, and we have a committed industry that is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the health and safety of members and staff so they can reopen and restart their businesses,” Elvish said.

Gyms will reopen under Stage Two. Image: Getty

According to Elvish, Australians’ mental and physical health has suffered during their time in isolation, and it's encouraging that exercise is on Morrison’s “roadmap” for getting the country back to normal life.

“Exercise and maintaining a regular fitness routine play an important role in keeping our mental and physical health in balance and we are very happy to see outdoor and then indoor activity playing a key role in each of the roadmap stages,” he said.



Raising The Barre: ScoMo's Three-Step Plan To Get Australia Off Slow Mo

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a three-step plan to get Australia back to "where we need to be as quickly as possible", with hopes most restrictions will be lifted by July.

The three stages will be reviewed every three weeks, with Morrison hoping the final stage will be reached by July.

In Stage Two, in addition to gyms reopening, beauty salons, cinemas, galleries, zoos and amusement parks will also be allowed to resume trading, albeit with a 20-patron limit.

"And you'll be pleased to know barre classes will open once again," Morrison joked.