Salim Mehajer Officially Broke Despite Declaring 'Only God Can Bankrupt Me'

A judge has refused to clear Salim Mehajer from bankruptcy after the embattled property developer posted on social media that "only God" could bankrupt him.

The Supreme Court dismissed his extension to appeal to annul his bankruptcy status on Wednesday.

The ruling comes as Mehajer was released from Cooma Prison last May after spending 11 months in jail for fraud.

While behind bars in 2018, a story uploaded to Mehajer's Instagram read "filing for bankruptcy in my absence felt like the 'coward punch'. God willing I'll be out in 7 days, When out, I promise to set it aside like it never existed."

"Only God can bankrupt me!"

Images posted on Mehajer's Instagram account (left from March 21, 2018 and right from April 18, 2018).

The judge refused to grant the extension, claiming Mehajer had filed it on December 30, five weeks after the deadline.

Mehajer tried to explain the delay by claiming he'd been injured by asbestos particles falling into his eye on December 15 and when he attended the court registry on December 27 it was closed.

In the Second Annulment Proceeding, Mehajer had claimed the creditor's petition had "defects" and  "erroneous information", which included and "an overstatement in the amount of the interest claimed on the judgment debt."

He'd also said he "had the ability to pay his debts as at the date of the making of the sequestration order" in 2018.

The judge ruled there was "unsatisfactory" evidence that Mehajer was able to pay his debts.

According to the judge, Mehajer's debts amounted to $25 million at the time of the bankruptcy order, and he'd failed to provide admissible evidence to prove the value of his assets.

The judge described the assets and liabilities as "somewhat high, wide and... handsome."

Salim Mehajer. Image: AAP

He added that the solvency evidence "put before the Court at that stage was, to put it mildly, less than compelling."

Court documents say Mehajer owed more than $8.6 million to the Australian Taxation Office at the time he was issued bankruptcy.

He owed mortgagees Charles Gittany more than $3 million, Ace Demolition $6.2 million, SM Project Developments Pty Ltd, Prime Marble & Granite Pty Ltd and Alan Teo $937,000, and $2.9 million to the National Australia Bank.

Mehajer also owed Minh Hua, a personal creditor, close to $2.6 million, Portcullis Capital Pty Ltd in excess of $2.1 million, and a company called 'JFI' $880,000.

He was liable for $100,000 to Mercedes Benz following the sale of a repossessed vehicle and owed BMW $743,000 at the time of the bankruptcy order.

The judge said there was "unchallenged psychiatric evidence" that Mehajer had been affected by symptoms of bipolar disorder "since at least 2012 and was in a hypomanic state during 2015, when he entered into various loan agreements”.

Mehajer had listed "causes of action" against several people who he claimed owed him money but the judge ruled there was no reason to think the trustee "would fail to bring any case against any third party which was to the benefit of Mr Mehajer’s creditors if the case was worthwhile bringing".

Salim Mehajer. Image: AAP

"Mr Mehajer’s “current insolvency is so stark that it would overwhelm any other discretionary considerations," the judge added.

Mehajer, 33, was found guilty in April 2018 of conducting electoral fraud in 2012 to become deputy mayor of the Auburn City Council.

He's now awaiting bail for separate charges involving an alleged staged car crash in October 2017, as well as allegedly supplying prohibited prescription drugs.