Five Visitors And Outdoor Sports Allowed Under New Relaxations In Victoria

Victorians will be able to have five guests over to their homes from midnight tomorrow as the state government begins to ease its tough coronavirus restrictions.

Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement while addressing the media today.

"We have to use our common sense. We have to be proportionate and recognise that this is far from over," he said.

"This is not an invitation to be out visiting family and friends every lunch and every dinner, every day of May. That wouldn't be smart."

In addition to having five people over, Victorians will also be able to exercise in groups of 10. This includes both recreational and sports activities.

And yes, that includes kicking the footy.



Coronavirus Restrictions Are Easing, Here's When It Will Happen At Your Place

On Friday, the national cabinet agreed on a road map to ease the country out of coronavirus restrictions, but how and when the plan will be implemented in each state and territory will be different.

Camping, however, will not be allowed despite national parks being open.

"Whether it be hiking, fishing, going for a walk, kicking a footy -- no more than 10. There will be obviously physical distancing and hygiene arrangements and common sense," Andrews said.

The Premier announced further changes to funerals, weddings and open houses including auctions as well as changes to the way a number of community facilities work.

"For instance, some counselling services which we believe are really very important [such as] community centres that run Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and other integral and important community meetings... they will be allowed, but again, no more than 10," he explained.

In a separate statement, he announced weddings could have 10 guests, while 20 people could now attend funerals -- 30 if it is held outdoors.

Andrews is still encouraging Victorians to work from home for the rest of May but acknowledges that is not possible for everyone.

The state government is also close to finalising what will happen with schools in regards to face-to-face learning.

"We had, for the purposes of certainty, said to parents across the state that they should plan and assume learning from home would continue for the entirety of term two," Andrews said.

"We now believe a gradual, staged return to face-to-face learning is safe, cautious and appropriate, given the testing we've done and the circumstances we face."



NSW To Reopen Cafes And Restaurants, Allow Outdoor Gatherings Of 10 People From Friday

Under the latest easing of restrictions, cafes and restaurants can reopen for up to 10 patrons and outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed from Friday in NSW.

But the Premier said today was not the day to make any further announcements about schools and he will ensure parents are given plenty of notice before changes are made.

"We're not other states. We face our own unique challenges and we need to be appropriate to those. We need to be cautious," Andrews said.

When asked about professional sport, including the AFL, Andrews said each code would essentially put their own plans in place but they "must be self-contained".

"If they're using a training facility, indoor gym, or an outdoor area, it must be exclusively for them," Andrews said.

Erin Lyons


I'm A Superfan But Last Night Showed The AFL Should Cancel The Season

Well, that was weird. And uncomfortable.

"We can't have a carve-out for professional sport because it's a workplace, because it's a job. We can't have a carve-out and have others not connected to that sport intermingling."

However, it is understood the AFL could start training again from midnight tomorrow so long as players are split into groups of no more than 10.

Andrews said it will be up to the league to make an announcement and he would not comment any further.

The Premier also isn't too keen on following in the footsteps of other states who decided to open restaurants and cafes to a maximum of 10 patrons, believing it would be better for everyone to wait until they could open completely.

"If we wait these three weeks when we move to open [places, we can] go beyond just takeaway for cafes. We might not have to stick with the number of 10," he explained.

"We might be able to go higher. I won't speculate on what that number is."

There are 1,494 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Victoria, which is seven more than yesterday.

One of those cases is connected to the Cedar Meats outbreak, four are connected to overseas travel -- returning travellers. And two are still being investigated.

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