Former CEO, Five Camels And Dog Saved After Dramatic Bushwalk Fall

Former Perth CEO John Elliott, his five camels and pet dog have been identified as the group lifted to safety after a dramatic fall from a bushwalking trail in Victoria on Sunday.

He was walking near Ferguson Track in Jamieson about 3 pm when the camels, named Ted, Jackson, Arthur and Bill, lost their footing and fell down a steep embankment, dragging the man and his dog 'Bruski' with them.

Former CEO John Elliott, who had given up his job as an entrepreneur to travel across Australia, had been in the town for just a few days, but has already been flooded with offers from locals to recuperate with them.

Police said the 38-year-old man of no fixed place of address was lucky to escape injury and was able to contact emergency services.

The "high angle rescue" was attended by the NSW State Emergency Service, officers at Search and Rescue, Mansfield and Woods Point and the Country Fire Authority.

Police said the rescue took about four hours, with the Elliott, his dog and all five camels lifted to safety by 7 pm.

Elliott's Facebook page says he's "embarked on a journey for the next few years town to town around Australia... connecting with locals to understand how they design their life and happiness, finding out where I can more about the crazy world of cryptocurrency and how its affecting the world."

The former CEO reguarly posts images of his dogs and camels adventuring around rural Australian towns.

One image uploaded to Elliott's Instagram shows him sharing a beer with a man at a pub,  his camel in attendance.

10daily has contacted Elliott for comment.