Trans And Gender Diverse Victorians Can Now Choose The Gender On Their Birth Certificate

Trans and gender diverse Victorians have the freedom to choose the gender shown on their birth certificates without invasive reassignment surgery.

New laws came into effect on Friday, after clearing state parliament in August.

Trans and gender diverse people in Victoria can now nominate the sex listed in their birth registration as male, female, or any other accepted gender diverse or non-binary descriptor of their own choice, the state government said on Friday.

Charles O'Grady


It's My Right To Change My Gender On My Birth Certificate, Surgery Or Not

As a transgender person, I am often faced with the profound absurdity of having other people debate my existence for me -- not simply whether I do exist, but also whether or not I should.

Victoria was the fifth state or territory to pass such legislation, which recognises that some transgender or gender-diverse people don't want to undergo surgery, or are unable to.

The Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory also no longer require a person to undergo surgery to alter the sex recorded on their birth certificate.

“For too long trans and gender diverse communities have been sent a painful and false message that there is something wrong with being trans or gender diverse that needs to be ‘fixed,’” Attorney-General Jill Hennessy said on Friday.

"We’ve removed an unfair and unnecessary barrier – allowing trans and gender diverse Victorians to finally access a birth certificate that truly reflects who they are without having to undergo invasive and costly surgery.”

Charles O'Grady


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An unpublished law reform submission by the Australian Psychological Society has caused no small amount of moral panic in conservative media this week.

Minister for Equality Martin Foley said the new laws were about "delivering a basic right which was long overdue".

“Equality is not negotiable in Victoria," Foley said.

"And today, we’re a step closer to achieving it for all LGBTIQ Victorians."

Under the new laws, he Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has the power to refuse to register a descriptor that is obscene, offensive or if it is not reasonably established as a sex descriptor.

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