TAFE Gets $261 Million Boost From Victorian Government

Victorian's TAFE sector is about to receive a $261 million helping hand, Premier Daniel Andrews announced today.

Andrews described the TAFE sector as "critically important" and confessed these are difficult times.

"On the other side of this virus, TAFE, skills and training are going to be more important than ever. That's why this $261 million injection of funds is critically important," he said while providing Victorians with a coronavirus update on Friday morning.

TAFE is currently free in Victoria meaning the sector would have struggled to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrews said the state government is working to make it the best training system it has ever been.



TAFE NSW Offers Free Courses To Allow Aussies To Upskill In Isolation

TAFE NSW is offering Aussies 21 fee-free courses to help upskill those who want to change career paths during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Whenever you're funding based on the number of activity you have, the number of enrolments you have, if that number is down, funding is down and then you're left with no choice but to stand down staff and potentially be damaged for the long term," the premier said.

"TAFE has always been important to me. We've saved it. We've made it free. We want it to be better than it'ser ever been."

The $261 million will not only support enrollment but also the move to online, flexible, remote learning. Though, Andrews acknowledges not every TAFE course, like plumbing for instance, can be done this way.



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Cut-price short courses for essential industries will be offered online, one of a raft of new measures to give the struggling tertiary education industry some reprieve announced on Sunday.

"TAFEs have done great work in transitioning to make sure that their students can continue to learn, their students can continue to get every day a step closer to getting their ticket, a step closer to being able to play the part that we need them to play in the strongest economy in the nation," he said.

"Getting TAFE to the other side of this virus is just what we have to do and that's what this $261 million will achieve."

Victoria has recorded only one new case of coronavirus since yesterday.

"We are seeing numbers that are the envy of the world," Andrews said.