'Boober Eats' Launches In Bid To Keep Aussie Barmaids Employed

La Femme Fatale Agency, an adult entertainment venue in Kalgoorlie, has launched a unique service in a bid to keep staff employed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The venue in the WA mining city started 'Boober Eats' delivery to keep business going while bars and pubs are closed by the government's social distancing measures.

'Skimpies' -- barmaids who wear lingerie or bikinis while working -- employed at the venue are now delivering food to customers' homes.

The bikini-wearing delivery service comes with a $30 charge. Image: La Femme Fatale Agency

Nat Poole, owner of the venue, told the Sydney Morning Herald the daring venture is an effort to keep her staff employed since the venue has had to close its doors for the time being.

"I hated seeing all my girls go from working five days a week and making really good money to nothing," she said.



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Poole said Boober Eats started off as a joke, but demand has grown and the venue has been advertising for women to join the delivery crew on its Facebook page.

"Apologies everyone! 45min wait on deliveries tonight! Thankyou everyone for your support! It’s been amazing," said one post.

The success comes despite the delivery charge being $30, nearly six times more than mainstream services such as UberEats and Deliveroo.

Owner Nat Poole is recruiting across the country. Image: La Femme Fatale Agency

Poole has also started advertising for women from around the country to join her service and take it national.

"I'm getting a lot of calls for it across Australia. For the rest of this week, I will focus on Kal [Kalgoorlie] then start sending out girls in the rest of Australia," she said.

The workers are not allowed to enter the customers' houses and all transactions take place without human contact.

"1.5 metres , stay alive, that's what I tell the girls," Poole added.

10 daily has contacted Boober Eats for comment.