How Recreational Rules Vary Around Australia This Easter

Authorities have warned Australians to stay home this Easter or risk being slapped with hefty fines for breaking coronavirus restrictions.

But those restrictions vary across the nation so if you're looking to do some recreational activities outside the home this weekend, it is essential you're up-to-date with the rules.

Here's how they differ between the states and territories.

New South Wales

Grabbing a towel and heading to the beach is a big 'no no' this Easter. Beaches in the Waverley and Randwick council areas, including Bondi, will be closed along with those at Manly and Dee Why in Sydney's north, and the stretch of beaches across Cronulla in the south.

Bondi Beach sits empty as the local council looks to protect residents from Covid-19. Image: Getty

You're still allowed to excerise on other beaches (which are open) as long as you're only in a group of two or with your immediate household. And no, sunbaking is not regarded as excercise.

Popular national parks are closed and any which are open warn they have strict protocols in place -- you can only go walking with your family or with one other person but you must all be from the "local community".



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Cycling is allowed with same two-person or household restriction as for beaches and bushwalking.

Fishing is also okay if it's considered your version of exercise, so long as you're not out with a group of people.

If you're looking to get a sport fix, golf and tennis have both been given the green light so long as you're in a group of no more than two, or you're playing a game of singles.

Northern Territory

Beaches remain open but with a limit of 10 people. Authorites are also encouraging no more than two, or family-only groups.

Majority of the national parks in the Top End have shut, including Kakadu and Uluru Kata Tjuta. But some, such as Charles Darwin National Park and George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens, are open to visitors.

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Cyclists are allowed on roads but are legally required to be in groups of 10 or less and have been advised to limit it to two.

You can only go fishing with your household or two people. Tennis is banned and golf courses are closed.


Three of the sunny state's most popular beaches are closed to the public including Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. You can still go surfing at open beaches so long as they are walking distance from your home.

Many national parks are closed, meaning bushwalking is out of the question -- but you can go cycling if you're riding to work, medical care, the shops or to school/university.

A cyclist wearing a protective mask rides at the Coolangatta beach. Image: Getty

You must adhere to the federal government's two person or same household rule.

It is understood fishing boats can be taken out, with no more than two people or family members on board.

A few golf courses remain open, with groups limited to two people. But all tennis clubs are closed.

South Australia

Beaches might be open in South Australia but authorities are urging people to stay away. Exercise is also restricted to groups of two.



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Most parks are open for bushwalking but residents have been told only to venture to those nearby their homes. However, some popular spots like Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens are closed.

A similar cycling policy has been implemented in the state. It's allowed, but just in groups of two or with others from the same household.

You can drop a line though. Fishing is still permitted from both boats and on shore.

A couple fishing at Hallett Cove in South Australia. Image: Getty

Golfing is fine so long as you keep the group to less than ten people and tennis clubs are adhering to the same rule.


Tassies national parks are closed meaning beaches within those areas are a no-go but council-patrolled swim spots remain open.

Cycling is okay under social-distancing rules, and fishing with up to two people per boat is allowed.



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However, boats can only be launched from the municipality of owner's primary residence. So that boat you have sitting at your holiday house doesn't count.

Gold is allowed, with a restriction of two people per hole, meaning there can be a maximum of 36 people on the course at one time.

Tennis centres are closed.


The Victorian government was forced to close a number of poular beach spots after residents were seen flouting social distancing rules. This includes St Kilda Beach in Melbourne and Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road.

National park hotspots like the Grampians, Alpine and Wilsons Promontory have been closed. But you can still go for a walk or a run within the Great Otway National Park and Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park.

Some courts are still open to the public in Victoria but it's best to contatc your local club. Image: Getty

If you're keen to jump on a bike, you can do so alone or with one other person -- or with your immediate household.

Unfortunately for Victorians, golf courses are closed, fishing is banned and tennis courts have restricted access.

Western Australia

Beaches in WA aren't yet closed but the state government has urged people to adhere to social distancing rules or popular spots like Cottesloe in Perth with be shut down.

National parks remain open for bushwalkers and cycling is allowed.



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But bushwalkers, beachgoers and cyclists must follow the two-person, or family household rule.

Fishing isn't exactly banned but it's not encouraged. Some golf clubs are open and some aren't but if you're keen for a day on the green you'd better follow the same two-person or household restriction.

Tennis clubs are following the same guidelines.


Canberreans will be pleased to know there hasn't (yet) been a message from the ACT Government on activities like recreational fishing or bushwalking.

At the moment you're still good to go so long as you follow the federal government's social-distancing guidelines and restrictions.

But for tennis, the latest advice is venues should be closed.

Lastly, can I go surfing?

Surfing is still a bit of a grey area. Some authorities say it's fine, others say it is non-essential and risks breaking social-distancing measures.

Surfers out in force on the Gold Coast. Image: AAP

It doesn't conflict with current rules, so long as you maintain a 1.5 metre distance for others and are alone or with one other person. But if the break starts to get packed with surfers, the government might be forced to reconsider.

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