Around 50 Qantas And Jetstar Workers Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Around 50 Qantas and Jetstar staff members, including pilots, flight attendants and baggage handlers, are undertaking 14 days of quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

It's understood eight pilots, 18 flight attendants and 14 baggage handlers are among the confirmed cases.

The staff members come from the airline group's entire network which includes Qantas, Jetstar and subsidiary and non-flying business.



Qantas, Jetstar Suspend International Flights, Most Employees Temporarily Stood Down

The Qantas Group has announced it will suspend international flights from the end of March through May and temporarily stand down two-thirds of its staff.

Qantas' Medical Director Dr Ian Hosegood said most of the employees had contracted COVID-19 while overseas -- including some who were away on holiday.

"There's been no confirmed cases of transmission of the Coronavirus to employees or customers on board our aircraft, or any aircraft globally for that matter," Hosegood said in a statement to 10 daily on Saturday.

"Whilst this transmission is possible, current evidence suggests it’s unlikely. "

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Nevertheless, Hosegood confirmed a number of additional measures were being put in place by the Qantas group to ensure customer and staff safety.

"We have put in place increased measures to protect our people while they are at work and our customers including enhanced cleaning at airports and on aircraft and providing necessary safety equipment," he said.



Travellers Warned To Wipe Their Bags After Coronavirus Outbreak Among Qantas Handlers

Six Qantas baggage handlers have tested positive to coronavirus, prompting concerns for their fellow workers at Adelaide Airport.

It comes after South Australia health earlier this week confirmed a number of the state's cases came from Qantas employees working in the baggage handling area of Adelaide Airport.

At the time, the health department advised any passengers who arrived on flights 24 hours before the announcement on Tuesday, should wipe their baggage and monitor their health.

"Due to a number of cases associated with Adelaide Airport, it is recommended that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 and who has been at the airport (including terminal or car park) in the last 14 days must self-isolate and seek testing at a COVID-19 Clinic," South Australia Health said in a statement on Thursday.

On Friday afternoon, Adelaide Airport confirmed another case with a member of its security staff also testing positive for the virus.

"We have this evening been advised by our security provider SNP Security, that it has had a staff member test positive for COVID-19," the airport said on Twitter.

"The staff member conducts duties in a public facing role at Adelaide Airport. We're working with the employer and SA Health."

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