Are Woolworths Basics Boxes Worth The Money?

Shoppers are already starting to get their $80 Woolworths Basics Boxes, but some say they're disappointed with what's inside.

Woolworths has apologised to shoppers who have only received groceries worth about half the price, telling them the 'basics box' is actually delivered in two separate boxes.

The supermarket rolled out the joint initiative with Australia Post this week as it ramps up efforts to deliver food to elderly and vulnerable people who are at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Woolies' website, the box costs $80 including delivery and covers "just the basics" to help provide meals, snacks and a few essential items such as toilet paper for those unable to reach stores.

The full list of included items -- deemed household essentials, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items -- can be found online, although the supermarket stresses products and brands customers might receive will differ based on location and availability.



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But several shoppers have claimed the boxes they've received aren't worth $80 and do not include the range of items they were promised.

One woman wrote on the Woolworths Facebook page that her mother's box was "disappointing" and missing a lot of items.

"Not worth $80, Woolworths, plus it doesn't have everything listed on the website, there's only half the list," she wrote.

"I've costed it and it's $39 give or take a few cents ... my mum is so upset for spending that kind of money for nothing. She said she'll have to risk the trips to the supermarket."

Trina Friend claims her mother's box worked out to be about $39 in value. Image: Facebook / Trina Friend

Another woman commented on the post saying she received a box with similar contents, and that it was a "rip off".

"No way indeed [it's] worth $80. In my case, I cannot go to any supermarket so I can [only] get deliveries, it is the only way I live," the woman said.

A third shopper claimed the box their mother received also contained about $30 worth of food, and did not include essential items.

"No toilet paper, let alone the lack of food for that price. Can you get a decent hamper sent to her please?" the shopper wrote.

Image: Facebook / Wezzie Smith

In a statement to 10 daily, a Woolworths spokesperson said the goods are delivered in two boxes, and that these customers appear to have only received part of the order.

"We've made contact with these customers to apologise for the delay in getting the order out to them in full," the spokesperson said.

"We're working closely with Australia Post to rectify this as quickly as possible."

A spokesperson for Australia Post apologised to customers for any inconvenience caused.

"As a priority, we will work to complete the full delivery to those customers that have been affected by this," the spokesperson told 10 daily.

Woolworths has responded to affected customers with a similar message on its Facebook page:

Hey ... , our Basics Box is actually two separate boxes -- so this is only half of it! The boxes should have been delivered together though, so we're following this up with our team. However, you should receive your second box within the next day or so. We agree that this here, is definitely not $80 worth -- so please keep an eye out for the other box!

But as one affected shopper pointed out, this information is currently not online.

"Well, if that's the case, good news. But where is the advice from Woolies?" they said.

Even some shoppers who have had two boxes delivered aren't convinced.

"We had two boxes delivered with exactly the same in both, waste of time and a bigger waste of money," one shopper wrote.



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But not all shoppers are disappointed with the service.

One woman posted a photo of a box containing fresh fruit and vegetables, saying she was "freaking grateful" to Woolworths for helping those who are self-isolating.

"They've been a lifesaver for me, literally," another person said.