NSW Coronavirus Lockdown Laws To Last Three Months

NSW will continue with its strict coronavirus measures for at least 90 days, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said on Thursday.

"When is the turn-off period for these orders? It is 90 days," Fuller said.

"People will have gotten the message by then, hopefully. And we won't be talking about the powers, we'll be talking about 'what does it look like coming out of this?'," he said.

The laws, which came into force on Tuesday, will last until June 29.

NSW residents have been ordered not to gather in groups of more than two, to stay 1.5 metres apart, and not to leave the home unless exercising, shopping or for a medical purpose.



Police Confirm It’s Okay To Visit Your Partner During 'Lockdown'

As confusion builds about what is still legal under new coronavirus laws, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has finally confirmed people can visit their partners, because it classifies as 'care'.

Fuller said people were allowed to leave their homes to exercise but they must quickly return home afterwards.

"I get it, and we want people to be able to stay fit and physically and psychologically healthy. And we're trying to make sensible decisions in relation to that," he said.

"If I said it's okay to sit on a park bench, then everyone is gonna go to the park. And we're gonna end up back where we started, on the hot day at Bondi Beach a couple of weekends ago. One person said they were gonna go for a swim, and we ended up with 10,000 people."

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller. Image: AAP

Since Monday, just thirteen infringement notices have been issued for people flouting social distancing laws. A fine has also been issued for one person who violated self-isolation measures, Fuller said.

NSW police said they fined a man $1,000 after he refused to leave a park where he was drinking alcohol with four people. Another man was fined for washing car windscreens for small change.

"You know, I think it's entirely appropriate. I'm reviewing all of these tickets personally, which would never happen again for any other time. And I'll continue to do that," Fuller said.



Bondi Backpacker Who Got Coronavirus At Beach Party Warns People To Stay Home

Florencia Barreiro and 10 friends have tested positive for coronavirus after attending a party in Bondi with hundreds of people, the Argentinian told 10 daily.

It comes as the state reports a slight decrease in new cases of COVID-19 recorded over the past 24 hours.

NSW recorded 116 new cases on Thursday, with the state's total cases now sitting at 2,298 and the death toll, 10.

"The acceleration of cases in New South Wales isn't growing, which is a good thing," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

"So, we know that we're having some level of success in reducing the spread. But we have to maintain our vigilance. We are at a very critical phase. And the reason why, of course, we've imposed these restrictions."

Minister For Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes. Image: AAP

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes announced construction workers will now be permitted to work seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays.

The Planning Act will also allow the “unrestricted operation” of “dark kitchens” or commercial restaurants without an eating component.

Food trucks will also be permitted to operate on any land in the state under the consent of land owners.

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